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USG560 - the gentle packaging

The tubular net available on the filling tubes is driven off the filling tubes by means of motor powered rubber wheels for a specific, electronically presettable length. The wheels are motorized by state-of-the-art servo drives. The net is gathered pneumatically by means of special collecting fingers. Simultaneously the next product amount drops downthrough the filling tube on to the then closed net collector. After the seal function is started, the net is cutted by a separately controlled net cutting knife between the two adjacent points of the seal. After that and after chilling the seal the net collector opens again and the cycle is repeated. That means the net is welded after each individual charge of the same or different product to seperate the product, but cutted only after a specific number of product charges have been filled in. Also a label-feed can be mounted optionally. This can be either a stripe or a wine-glas type label in different dimensions.

Advantages at a glance:

  • highest availability on small ground space
  • up to 60 bags / minute
  • robust and compact construction
  • sophisticated servo-drive technique
  • all functions are PLC controlled
  • operating and controlling of the machine by a sophisticated touch-panel
  • special executions possible