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USG440 - variable net length, with / without label

The USG440 is basing on the well known and approved USG340 designed to pack various product in bags, weighing between 20g and 1500g in extruded HDPE-net material. On this machine the tubular net material is driven off the net tubes by rubber wheels for a electronically adjustable length. The wheels are powered by a frequency regulated three-phase motor. The net is gathered by special collecting fingers and fed to the ultrasonic sealing head. A short ultrasonic pulse closes the net at two adjacent joints and simultaneously the net is cutted between those joints by a seperately controlled, pneumatical knife. A label feed system can be mounted to the USG440 optionally. Many different forms of label is possible like e.g. "Wine-glas label" or "String label" in different sizes. To print information on to the label our thermotransferprinter can be used. All operating parameters are announced or edited on the user friendly touch-panel.

Advantages at a glance:

  • highest availability on small ground space
  • up to 60 bags / minute
  • robust and compact construction
  • all functions are PLC controlled
  • operating and controlling of the machine by a sophisticated touch-panel
  • special executions possible