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USG341 - the controlled packaging


At the USG341 the net collector drive is changed through a state of the art servo-drive. The height of the net collector is significantly reduced, thus fundamentally shorter and tighter bags can be executed.

Customer benefits:

  • lowest air consumption
  • shorter and tigther net packaging
  • controlled sealing; the sealing must exceed a preset value
  • the opening of the net collector can be adjusted electronically and adapted to the net tube diameter
  • easy net knife exchange without dismantling parts
  • no wear parts necessary, e.g. flexo-coupling


For customers with a pneumatic controlled USG340 we can offer a conversion kit to a modern servo controlled USG341.
Don't hesitate to contact us.

The tubular net available on both filling tubes is pulled off by the rotating net collector. Simultaneously a short ultrasonic pulse closes the net material and the net is pulled off for a specific presettable length from the filling tubes sufficiently for the next package.

The net is gathered by a state of the art servo drive. At the same time the next titmouse dumpling drops down through the filling tube on to the then closed net collector. After the seal function is started, the net is cutted by a separately controlled net cutting knife between the two adjacent sealpoints. The opening of the net collector is controlled electronically. Thus the net length can be altered through earlier opening of the net collector.

The speed of the rotating net collector is controlled by a three-phase alternating current gearmotor that works with two separately adjustable revolutions. During the pull off and sealing of the net material the motor speed is smaller than when the open net collector runs upwards. Because of this the seal time can be extended when different material is used without decreasing the overall capacity of the machine.

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