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Flowpacker / horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine

We supply Flowpacker / horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines for various applications. We find a solution for your product. 


Different to the vertical form fill seal machines, horizontal flow wrapping machine  wraps  continuously all sealable flat film from the roll around the product to be packed.

Packaging materials:

The product to be packed is placed by a dosing system on to the infeed conveyor.

Studs bring the product in to the surrounding film.
Transport and sealing rollers then feed the product with the film in to the cross jaws which then close and disconnect the hosepipe film.
The sealing rollers enclose the product very closely and seal by run through, the longitudinal seam.

The bag length is adjustable and can be adapted to the product.



You will find an Video of these machine on our Facebook Site

Other models on request