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Fat ball press 90-500g

Trust "the original".

You can only get the KP VII fat ball press from us, which, depending on the equipment, can be used to press fat balls with a weight of 90-500g. Contact us to start your production of fat balls or to expand an existing system with the fat ball press that is often used.

The premixed mass is continuously mixed with a stirrer and pressed into the die of the drum by means of a screw driven by a frequency converter. In the next step, the mass is pressed into the final shape of a fat ball with a heated stamp. The finished fat ball is blown out of the drum matrix with a compressed air impulse.

This press has been used successfully by almost all fat ball producing companies for many years.

For further processing of the pressed fat balls, we recommend a subsequent cooling section and optionally our ultrasonic net sealing. We also supply the conveyor systems required for this.

Customer benefits:

  • Output 4000 - 5000 dumplings / h
  • Omron PLC, optional Siemens PLC
  • Omron control panel, optional Siemens control panel
  • electrically / pneumatically controlled
  • Servo motor drive with speed control


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